Christmas Appeal

Auckland City Mission

With Christmas on the horizon Auckland City Mission was facing the largest demand for food parcels it had ever seen. This meant they faced the sizable challenge of bringing in more donations than ever before at a time of year when purse strings were notoriously tight.

Research told us people wanted to help but limited means didn’t always allow them to, so we needed to find a creative way to rebalance Christmas budgets. Our solution was Bad Gifts For Good, an online store where people could make donations by purchasing non-existent novelty Christmas gifts. The gifts would then be sent to the recipient with an e-card, unboxing video and explanation of how their donation helped an Aucklander in need.

The novel gifts delivered more than just dopamine hits, bringing in a record $1,640,000 in donations, a figure that sat an impressive 9.4% above target.

The novel gifts delivered more than just dopamine hits.

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Auckland City Mission

A record amount in donations, 9.45% above target.