GO Metro Campaign

Auckland Transport

Auckland’s public transport network plays a crucial role in decongesting city roads, but with 78% of trips in the city taken by car there was significant room for growth.
Auckland is a melting pot, both culturally and economically, so changing transport behaviour required a deep understanding of different Aucklanders’ motivations and behaviours. We used in-depth customer journey mapping to discover the needs, motivations and pain-points of target segments at different stages of public transport adoption.
The learnings went on to form the foundations for an integrated communications strategy – a personalised approach that incorporated emotional priming with highly targeted acquisition layers.
The resulting GO Metro platform had a phenomenal impact on attitudes towards public transport in Auckland and an uplift in usage on Auckland Transport.

The GO Metro platform had a phenomenal impact on attitudes towards public transport in Auckland.

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Auckland Transport

9.4% YOY growth in usage of Auckland public transport.