No Sugars Given

Pepsi Max

Just when you thought Millennials were tough, Gen-Z came storming into prominence. For a brand as ubiquitous as Pepsi Max this provided both a challenge and mouth-watering opportunity for growth. But to tap into it we needed to understand our audience.

Exploratory research identified the traits Pepsi Max needed to be aware of when tackling Gen Z – they were self-confident, indifferent to how the world viewed them, and to make things even tougher, completely unaware Pepsi Max was a sugar-free drink. The fact they were also more health conscious and socially aware than any generation before them made the last point a significant one.

These findings were used to form a creative approach that infused the attitude of Gen Z with a clear sugar-free product message, the ‘No Sugars Given’ platform. It modernised Pepsi Max while making it relevant to a local audience that hadn’t experienced meaningful exposure to the brand.

The No Sugars Given modernised Pepsi Max, while making it relevant to a local audience.

Look whatwe found

Pepsi Max

Ad recall on YouTube was 60% higher than industry benchmark.