Private Beach Dig

New World

At Christmas time, New World Clubcard likes to recognise and build relationships with their VIP members, and to demonstrate that Clubcard is always more rewarding.

So we created the Clubcard Private Beach Dig. A fun and exclusive treasure hunt game where members could win $NWD and prizes, plus go into the draw to win a luxury beach getaway — an engaging and rewarding experience.

The game was fully mobile optimised, and of course so were the emails. Giving the customer a great experience on any device.

Members not only flocked to the Clubcard beach to dig – they spent considerable time digging there too. Smashing an industry average time on site of 1 minute 30 seconds to achieve and average time on site of 5 minutes 11 seconds! With 73,360 unique visitors that’s an impressive total time on site of 380,249 minutes!

With a knockout return on investment for every $1 we spent, we achieved on average 2 minutes 38 seconds of ‘engaged’ members’ time. Adding to this, members were only too happy to offer up their holiday tips by the thousands, in fact just short of 30,000 personal holiday spot recommendations!

Members not only flocked to the Clubcard beach to dig  they spent considerable time digging there too.

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New World

73,360 unique visitors were delivered with an impressive total time on-site of 380,249 minutes.