Supply Run Game


GIB® Standard plasterboard is GIB®’s top-selling product in a very commodity driven market. The GIB® offer is a complete solution combining product quality with technical advice and support.

In 2012, GIB® Standard plasterboard underwent numerous product enhancements making it the optimal balance between performance (fire and noise) and weight. But with an international competitor entering the market we had to grab the builders’ attention in a more engaging way.

The ‘gremlins’ concept was developed to deliver our message of ‘peace of mind’ in a fun/interactive way, and reinforce that by using GIB® Standard you’re guaranteed a high-quality finish with no call-backs to site – avoiding the Gremlins.

Builders were directed online to play a game – the ‘GIB® Supply Run’. Players drove to the building site, grabbing as much GIB® Standard plasterboard as they could while avoiding all the troublesome ‘gremlins’ (hassles/hiccups) that may get in their path. The more GIB® plasterboard they collected, the more points earned.

Over 2,000 builders played ‘GIB® Supply Run’ and average time on the site was 7 minutes – a strong indicator repeat plays were high. With GIB® plasterboard maintaining market share levels of 94%+, the game helped us gain an additional 1% market share from competitors in the 6 months post-campaign equating to sales growth ROI of 4:1.

Over 2,000 builders played GIB® Supply Run and average time on the site was 7 minutes  a strong indicator repeat plays were high.

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4 : 1
Sales growth campaign ROI of 4 : 1.