3D Virtual Store


Spark retail stores are renowned for offering the latest tech and expert advice, so when the COVID-19 crisis forced the closure of all 65 stores there were major implications for New Zealand’s largest telco.

Yet in the midst of the uncertainty we pitched an innovative idea – build a physical Spark store, online. A place where customers can explore, browse and connect with staff in the same way as they would in a real store.

The result was a 3D shoppable world that combined offline architectural techniques with emerging interactive design. It gave visitors a pleasantly familiar shopping experience in the most unfamiliar of times.

Customers who dropped out of the established Spark website where retargeted and 40% went on to make a purchase in the virtual store. A resounding figure that underpinned the value of this unique new shopping experience.

It gave visitors a pleasantly familiar shopping experience in the most unfamiliar of times.

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40% of retargeted visitors made an online purchase.