In a hyper-competitive,always-on world, growthdoesnt come by accident.

Proximity is about being smarter, more focused and more engaging, right through the customer journey.

We discover what motivates customers, uncover the growth opportunities, and leverage the moments that matter.

Creative Intelligence a whole brain approach

In a world of relentless noise, creativity breaks through people’s indifference. To help do this we uncover all traces of human data to gain a superior understanding of people. Then we create meaningful, entertaining, frictionless and rewarding experiences to connect deeply with their human needs and influence their behaviour in the moments that matter most.

Creativity without intelligence is a shot in the dark. Intelligence without creativity is potential lost. Together, they deliver more effective solutions for a complex world.

Connected Creativityfor the Connected Age

Today, creativity cannot be left to chance. One brand expression or big TV ad is simply not enough. More than ever, brands need to live in culture and our consumers worlds, allowing audiences to not only consume brands, but take part in owning, creating and amplifying them.

Unlike any time in history, connecting the medium, the message and its sequencing to the consumer, is more vital than ever. Connected Creativity is the synchronisation of customer insight, strategic positioning, engaging creative, brand experiences and next generation engagement planning to ensure ideas create the cut-through needed to deliver the strongest commercial performances.

Hardwiredfor finding anddeliveringgrowth

A new era of platforms, channels, technology and talent have given us the scope to deliver hard to find growth.

A whole brain approach


Our Culture

When confronted by change, we’re instinctively wired to fight or flight. At Proximity, we thrive on this uncertainty, confident that our understanding of the customer drives us to embrace the heat and run toward the fire. It’s a philosophy that is ever present in our agency because fear is a hard-wired instinct that protects people from danger.

But danger is our destination. It’s where the best ideas live. And it’s the best way to connect with audiences who care less about marketing but demand more from brands.

Work that works hard

Partnering for success

Delivering hard to find growth demands best in class partnerships and a culture of radical collaboration.