Mix & Match

Disloyalty points

Mix & Match gives Kiwis and Australians great deals on flights by allowing them to combine airlines. Unsurprisingly, one of the big challenges they face comes from airline loyalty schemes, which reward travellers for sticking to one airline. But when you crunch the numbers airline loyalty schemes only work for one party, and it’s not the traveller.

To disrupt the traditional thinking around the benefits of loyalty schemes we worked with Mix & Match to rebrand their own loyalty program. The result was ‘Disloyalty Points’, an anti-loyalty scheme that rewarded travellers for cheating on their usual airline by exploring the Mix & Match site. ‘Disloyalty Points’ also paved the way for an even bigger brand play, ‘Disloyalty Pays’, which put a spotlight on the financial benefits of being promiscuous when booking flights.