Spark NZ

Made for you review

Trust is emotional, and making an emotional connection with customers is crucial. The Made For You Review email has to feel genuine and authentic – and most of all, personal. The core of the idea lives in the connection it creates with customers at an individual level; through the individuality of a customer’s data and the emotional connection of feeling that someone cares. To make MFYR feel like a personal interaction, we crafted the email to feel warm, conversational and unique – like one of our team members has looked after them individually.

Intimacy through individuality

The data at the heart of this programme shows customers that we understand their individual needs and that our recommendations are specifically relevant to them. It builds confidence in Spark overall, showing that we’ve done the hard work for them as an individual and have put in the effort to get it right for them. We can identify individual customers’ behaviour through extensive analytics across disparate data sets and check whether their plan inclusions and value-added services suit their needs.

Putting in the hard work for customers

Made For You Review doesn’t just play back customer data – it goes further with personally crafted recommendations. Helping customers with the “hard work” to understand what they need and how they can be better off; for some, this means saving money by shifting to a new plan and for others, getting more data, faster speeds or extras for the same or close to what they are already paying. Most importantly, we genuinely put customers first and encouraged them to review their plan if usage showed it was bigger than their current needs.

Making lasting impressions

The success of the programme’s concept and creative execution in connecting with customers is reflected by the phenomenal 96% recall rate and whopping 20% reduction in churn (four times Spark’s previous retention campaign benchmark).